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Greensvale no Mori no Naka Review

I don't really know what to write about. I guess I'm going to start reviewing random eroge, preferably those with gameplay. It's my first time reviewing stuff so I don't know if I'm doing this right.

Greensvale no Mori no Naka is a 2006 game by softhouse chara.

The protagonist is a teacher at some rural area. One day he got a summon from a far off kingdom to oversee a project, to construct and head the first ever prestigious academy in the kingdom. Too good to be true? It turned out it is as the far off kingdom turned out to be in a third world impoverished state. The roads are almost non-existent, the common people are illiterate and the academy site turned out to be a hut in the middle of the forest. Nevertheless he decided to go ahead with the project. With the meager budget he was given, he started constructing a proper academy on the site.

Title Screen


This game is a turn-based school building simulator. Each turn is one year in gametime. The academy in this game is a one year college/high-school institution. Students graduate in one year.

This is a freeform game with no set goal, you just try to keep the academy running for 50, 100 or 300 turns depending on the game mode.

This is the main game screen. From here you can build buildings, enact policies, increase the budget or talk to a heroine. Note that you can only do exactly one action per turn.

Putting your students to work into factories is a good way to earn money
This is the build screen. It allows you to build additional academic structures for specialized courses such as magic, economics, etc and other random structures that gives off various improvements. Constructing a building requires sufficient money and free teachers. Constructing a building is instant and you can construct as many building as you can but you'll automatically end your turn once you exit the build screen.

You start with a small buildable plot of land which expands during the course of the game.

Buildings also have multiple upgrade levels and a building automatically upgrades itself in time. An upgraded building can unlock other building types or gives you an hscene.

This is the policy screen. It allows you to set the academy's mission statement. Each of the policies have various pros and cons.

The additional budget screen allows you to infuse various aspect of the academy with additional budget. Not really worth it as it only lasts for 1 turn and pretty expensive. Build structures instead.

At the end of each turn you get this screen, which allows you to send the various types of graduates to various kingdoms or back to your school. On this pic we have a delinquent and a scholar. Sending a graduate to a kingdom increases their stat or decreases it if the graduate's a delinquent.

Repeatedly sending delinquents to a kingdom pisses them off, piss them off enough and they'll send soldiers to attack your academy.

Students wiping out the invading army

There are other reasons for your academy to get attacked too. 


The game has around 90 hscenes. Majority of those are pretty vanilla with the protag doing it with a heroine. The rest are dream events showing the students of the academy getting into random misfortunes.


The game has multiple modes and endings, like Wizard's Climber. The first mode you get has a 50 turn limit. Successfully finishing that unlocks you to the next mode with have a 100 turn limit. The last mode you unlock has a 300 turn limit.

My Thoughts on This Game: 

This game is kinda confusing to play at the start but once you get it it's pretty fun. If you like simulation games that is.

Character-wise I didn't feel any attachment to the protag or any of the heroines but that doesn't really matter much on these types of game. The game doesn't really feel repetitive thanks to shchara sprinkling various mini-events/skits throughout the game. Seeing the NPC talk to each other makes them feel alive, makes them not just a statistic and some of those skits are pretty funny.

Recommended for simulation lovers.

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