Friday, October 1, 2010

How to use SpoilerAL to Cheat at Daibanchou and Other Games

SpoilerAL is a memory editor that has tons of tables for eroge.

Download SpoilerAL from here.
Download the game tables from here.

Extract SpoilerAL into a directory and put the tables into the SSG subdirectory.
Now run the program, it's in Japanese but don't worry just follow this guide.

Note: Make sure to run the game you wanted to cheat first.

Here's an example:


Now supposed you want to cheat Shima Miako's stats. Go back to SpoilerAL.

Select the cheat you want, in this case the chara param list

Then select the character name you want to cheat

Finally select and edit the relevant stats you want to cheat

Now go back to your game.

TADA! You're now a cheater! (If the changes didn't appear try opening and closing the items list.)


  1. Oh wow, thank you, I'll have a ton of fun with this.

  2. sometimes cheat is needed when u want to know the story fast. . .

  3. I agreee with kyoryo. I really just wanna know the story of the game I'm playing (kamidori alchemy meister) but I am FAIL and have trouble with the costs of the shop/guild dues/housing for the girls etc.

  4. I agree, there is nothing wrong with cheating here, i mainly seek VNs for storyline and I'm totaly not impressed by the endless grinding some of them forces on me, so cheating helps me retain interest.

  5. i cant understand this , can u make it into a simple video ?

  6. hmm, the cheat table link is dead already. Can you upload the new one? It's a pain searching for another link.

  7. the tables link is dead. Can you upload the new one?

  8. please can you help me in devil may cry 4 cheat unlimited ex gauge? thanks

  9. please can you help me in devil may cry 4 cheat unlimited ex gauge? thanks

  10. wish some one would reupload these game tables again

  11. @johan westerhof =

    1. Bro, you upload only the SpoilerAl engine without SSG file for Kamidori Alchemy Meister..

      Could u please lend us ur SSG file for Kamidori Alchemy Meister?

  12. I'm not sure if anyone will ever see this, but I am getting desperate, so here goes nothing: I can't seem to get my spoilerAL working, I must have screwed up something cuz I've used it for years. Now it won't seem to detect any ssg I have, it just starts fully blank and it would be a real tragedy, to me at least, if I were unable to use it anymore